Post Offices in Moratuwa

Name of the Post Office Address Telephone Number
Angulana Post Office,Angulana 0112605543
Egodauyana North Post Office,EgodaUyana 0112657332
EgodaUyana South Post Office,EgodaUyana South 011-4865041
Indibedda Post Office,Indibedda 011-4951568
Kaldemulla Post Office,Kaldemulla 011-2612962
Koralawella Post office,Koralawella 011-4951569
Katubedda Post Office,Katubedda 011-4950868
Lakshapathiya Post Office,Lakshapathiya 011-2623495
Lunawa Post Office,Lunawa 011-2645494
Moratuwa Post Office,Moratuwa 0112645250
Moratumulla Post Office,Moratumulla 011-4951567
Rawathawaththa Post office,Rawathawaththa 011-2645570
Willorawaththa Post office,Willorawaththa 011-5626089

News & Events

Pirith Ceremoney 2019

Pirith Ceremoney 2019

Moratuwa Divisional Secretariat held  Annually Pirith Ceremony...

First day in the year 2019

First day in the year 2019

After inaugurally beginning the religious ceremony in...

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